Ruite pump is a leading Chinese pump manufacturer and devoted to offering professional slurry pump solutions for you. We have successfully undertaken many projects in over 60 countries. Innovative R&D department and state-of-art technology are the basis of Ruite pump high quality products. Scientific model selection and slurry transporting solution helps to reduce your purchase and maintenance cost. Above all, all-around services will save you a lot of effort and it will be a enjoyable experience.

Advanced casting process

Casting is the melting of metal and pouring it into a sand mold to form a predetermined shape of the workpiece or object.
The casting
 technological have obvious effect on the metallurgical quality.
Equipment used in a casting process includes furnacesmold-making machineryand casting machines.

We have strong casting ability and experience.

Strict heat treatment control

With strong heat treatment and processing capacity.
Successful heat treatment requires close control over all factors affecting the heating and cooling of a metal. 
Better quality of parts heat treated in the sealed box furnace can be obtained on condition that design and control system of the furnace are advanced and operatings.

Strong processing capacity

The company has many years of machining experience and solutions.

High quality

After-sales service

Training: free training about methods of pump application and maintenance.

Guidance on site: installation guidance and possible problem elimination.

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